We should all be drinking International Roast

Posted on by Flat White

Millennials are spending too much money on coffee. It’s proven that this is the reason why they’re locked out of the housing market – young people are frittering away the wages benevolently bestowed by their employers on frivolous and unnecessary caffeinated drinks.

The solution: International Roast. This smooth, mild-tasting, coffee-based beverage was once a stalwart of kitchens and office tea rooms the country over. Is it just a coincidence that as the proportion of Australians under 35 owning their own homes has crashed to record-low levels, so too has the popularity of this humble and budget-conscious drink? For the price of three fancy espressos from your local bearded barista, you could instead buy a half-kilo tin of International Roast containing 333 frugal serves. Your coffee dollar goes 100 times further, and that house deposit will save itself in no time.