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Wow, that’s quite a strong claim, I hear you say! After all, Melbourne is renowned as a destination for coffee snobs from all around, and locals will proudly talk about how it’s the world’s fourth-wave coffee capital. So what’s that about Melbourne’s coffee being shit then?

The problem is, as much of a reputation as it has, the coffee scene in Melbourne is really pretty hit and miss. Or perhaps (probably!) I’m just a grumpy old codger. Anyway, I’m not at all enthusiastic about the lighter, fruitier espressos that have been all the rage for the last few years. Sure, it’s great that attention is being paid to quality and flavour and whatnot, but if we’re talking about “authentic” espresso, the idea of a single origin is silly. A skilled roaster should – in my humble opinion – create a consistent and satisfying blend, without getting carried away in a fetish of fruitiness. And that’s without even saying anything about the sheer acidity of most espresso served around here.1 Often, a house blend, the one they use for milk-based drinks, will be somewhat more palatable, what with it having to be a bit punchier to overcome the fattiness of the milk.

So there you have it. I love espressos, I pretty much systematically order just a double shot with preferably the house blend if the café does single origins (for reasons outlined above), but on the whole, I find it hard to get a decent coffee here. My taste is more for the darker roasted “old-fashioned Italian style” more bitter espresso.

On this blog, I intend to talk about the highs and lows that I encounter while looking for the ultimate espresso!

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  1. When I say “Melbourne”, I loosely am referring to the CBD and northern suburbs. I might stray further afield, but.. don’t hold your breath.