Degraves Espresso

Posted on by snoffeecob


The other day I was moaning about coffee at a pub, and two guys who work for Coffee Mio overheard me. They said that recently Degraves Espresso had switched to them, and that they thought I’d like it, based on my ranting. So, today I headed over to give them a go.

Surprisingly, for a blog with a title like this one has, the short version actually is: Degraves Espresso does not suck! I convinced the barista to make me a double espresso with their house blend (only a little bit of eyebrow raise), and was very pleasantly surprised! Nice oily crema, typical old-fashioned “earthy” flavour, relatively intense flavour… I’ll be returning!

Degraves gets the elusive distinction of a “Does Not Suck” Award!