Adventure to Launceston!

Posted on by snoffeecob

As you might be aware (and if you’re any kind of hipster you would be (and if you’re reading this blog you must be a hipster)), this coming weekend the MONA FOMA will be held in Launceston, Tasmania. I’ve never been to Launceston, but since Melbourne Coffee Sucks, perhaps it’s worth giving the espresso scene on the South Island a go!

I thought it’d be considerate of me if I went down to Launceston a few days before the crush, so that by the time all you Melburnians show up with a strong hankering for strong coffee, there will be a little curated list online for your perusal. How terrible would it be if you arrived in an unknown city with nothing but the janky Bean Hunter app on your phone to guide you to a café that closed 3 years ago!?

Honestly, I have high hopes. I have often visited Hobart, and one of the highlights for me is always the multitude of very tasty espressos one can easily find there. Some of my personal favourites, off the top of my head, include Zimmah Coffee (special mention to the “Son of a Gun” blend – if you can get an espresso shot of those they’re hands-down one of my favourites! Their blurb alone1 sounds like I could’ve written it!) and Parklane, but they probably deserve their own posts! There are heaps more. But you never know who’s going to what place when, so rather a brief list than no info at all, right? I’ll add more if I think of them in subsequent Tasmania-themed posts.

Oh yeah and apparently there will be music and stuff. I won’t be rating any of that, just enjoying. Wouldn’t want to be a critic now, would we.

  1. “Son of a Gun is the wild one of the bunch and takes aim at the current trend of lightly roasted coffee. Its dark, slightly smoky flavour with hints of tobacco and rich milk chocolate will grab you by the scruff of the neck, etc.” Isn’t that amazing?